Experienced Breeders

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Laura’s Little Parrots is family owned and operated, specializing in companion Pacific Parrotlets Caiques, Cockatiels and Green-Cheek Conures of many different colors in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas. We are among one of the first breeders to offer the Turquoise Pastel (now marbled) Parrotlets! Specializing not only in "hand-fed" but "Hand-Tame" baby birds that are suitable for smaller homes, where loud noises or lack of space can be an issue. We have been breeding Pacific Parrotlets and Green Cheek Conures since 2009 and strive for beautiful companions with great temperament! In 2017 we introduced Caiques Indian Ringnecks and Cockatiels to our breeding program. For 2019 we have added Sun Conures, including the Red Factor Suns and for 2020 we have Quakers!

We have had experience with all types of birds over the past 20 years and now we want to give families the opportunities to develop the same memorable experiences as all of us have daily with their new feathered family member! 

Please Note: ALL our babies are from our personal pairs so it may take time to get the baby you are looking for. We do NOT handfeed babies from other breeders and resale.

Happy, Healthy Bloodline

Laura's Little Parrots not only breeds more rare colors but also the popular mutations as well. We like to have a variety so everyone can find the baby bird they are looking for. We also breed for good temperament, happiness, health and take special care when trying to produce the hard-to-find mutations. We do not breed any related birds to one another to produce any of the mutations, and research every new bird's background such as their previous owner and their health. We also feed all our birds the best and treat them like family so we have  beautiful and happy babies. Each baby is handled daily to ensure sweet little companions. Our home is the closed "aviary" and this helps prevent any diseases from entering their environment. Any new additions are  quarantined.  We also test our aviary yearly through Avian Biotech for PBFD and Polynoma for preventative and results have been negative!

Your New Feathered Friend

We work with each baby to begin teaching him or her to "Step-Up" and give kisses. Some learn recall training and will come back to you with a wave of your hand. Every baby will differ based on how quickly they learn and we recommend continuing to train when they are at their new homes. Our babies are pulled at about 2 weeks old, depending on the species to begin handfeeding and are around dogs, cats, other birds, kids, vacuums and many other distractions to get your new baby used to just about everything so they will have a smooth transition into their new forever home. We also prefer to sell our babies as companions and not as breeders unless one is listed as such. Thank you for your interest!