Shipping  cockatiels, parrotlets, Conures caiques

Shipping United Petsafe is not available at this time. Please see their website for more information.

Shipping is available out of DFW Airport for $180 through Delta Pets First, which will include a small pet crate plus everything the baby needs for the flight. Available to customers anywhere in the United States, including Alaska. We only ship through the airlines and will give you everything needed to track flights and pick-up your new baby from the airport.

Custom Leg Bands

LLP bird leg bands in Texas

Each baby will be banded with a leg band that has a unique id number, year of hatch, our abbreviation (LLP), state of hatch (TX) and AFA (American Federation of Aviculture) logo.  Color varies with each species. This identifies the new baby to keep track of the lineage. Photos of babies will have their number as well. Any baby with this logo is traceable back to the original breeder if they contact the AFA directly. We are also members of the NCS (National Cockatiel Society) and some of our cockatiels are banded with NCS custom code 28L instead of LLP.

All our bands are aluminum except for our Caiques, Sun Conures and Indian Ringnecks who get a stainless steel band.

Your New Baby Comes With...

Mint Green Cheek Conure for sale

All species of birds, except Parrotlets (unless otherwise specified), will come with a paper DNA Certificate, Hatch Certificate and a "New Baby" form and a bag of current food to help get started! A JPG formatted Hatch Certificate can also be requested but please allow a few days to e-mail to you.


Laura's Little Parrots will guarantee all babies to be free from any pre-existing disease upon examination. If you’re baby is diagnosed with a disease or life threatening issue within 7 days of pick-up or shipping upon examination by certified avian veterinarian, we will replace upon availability. Our leg band must remain on the bird and shipping must be paid by buyer, if required. Please Note: Only our babies with our leg bands will be guaranteed. 

We do recommend your baby seeing an avian veterinarian and must see one within the allotted time frame to qualify for this guarantee. We can recommend a veterinarian within the DFW area if needing one.

Please watch them in their new environment as these are little babies and can get stressed at times. Make sure they are eating and drinking and don't appear weak or this could be a sign they are not eating properly.  


Deposits through PayPal can be made through each individual species’ page. At the very bottom of each page is a Paypal button for the required deposit of that species. We can invoice through PayPal or request with Zelle for remaining payments but can also pay with cash or card at pick-up. Checks or money orders can be made for deposits or final payments only if done a minimum of 2 weeks in advance. 

Please Note: All payments are non-refundable.